The perfect pancake – just always succeeds

By | 22 May 2021

The perfect pancake – just always succeeds loved by children and also great for cooking newcomers!

The perfect pancake - just always succeeds

Ingredients for 4 portions :

400 g flour, who likes, can use wholemeal flour
750 ml milk, low in fat
1 pinch of salt
3 large egg (he)
1 shot of mineral water
Butter, for baking



Working time about 5 minutes
Rest time about 1 hour
Cooking/baking time about 20 minutes
Total time about 1 hour 25 minutes

Yes, I know what many people think now. The CK (or the world) still needed this:
A recipe for pancakes!! But believe me, from my own experience I can tell you: it is necessary!

Mix the flour, milk, eggs and pinch of salt with the hand stirrer to form a smooth dough until it throws light bubbles. Then leave the dough to rest in the fridge for about half an hour.

Then remove the dough from the fridge, add a good shot of mineral water and stir briefly again.

Heat the hob to the highest level and add some butter to the pan.

The pancakes are the most even:
Remove the hot pan from the cooking place and spread the butter evenly by skilfully panning. Now, with a large spoon, add a trowel of dough to the hot pan and spread it evenly by panning.

Now, in any case, wait long enough until the bottom has nicely browned and the pancake has become solid accordingly. This is easy to notice when you try to lift the pancake with the pan-turner. If this is easy, then you can quickly turn the pancake without tearing it. Now bake the second side nicely golden yellow.

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