Tasting Freshness and Flavour of Olive Oils

By | 22 May 2021

Many unsuspecting people end up buying cheaper oils after spending most of their money. Extra virgin oils are expensive and of good quality though they can also go rancid quickly.

Freshness and Flavour of Olive Oils

Well, oils can go rancid, and they will be characterized by staleness due to chemical decomposition. Its health benefits will also diminish. The antioxidants Polyphenols will also disappear. Therefore, detecting rancidity is not that easy because it can happen when the oil was five years old. You can detect rancidity by doing the following:

  • Pour a small amount of olive oil so that you can sniff. If you will realize the oil has an unpleasant smell upon sniffing, then that oil has gone rancid.
  • You can also do a taste test because most olive oils have a naturally sweet smell that most people can mistake for rancidity.
  • Before tasting, you should bring it to room temperature by warming the cup using your hands.
  • Scoop a tablespoon of the oil and hold it in the mouth while trying to exhale to allow you to determine if it is rancid.

How to tell if olive oil is good?

It is possible to tell if the olive oil is good after checking if it is rancid or not. Good olive oil should have a fresh smell, and when you sniff, there is no fermented scent. Many factors contribute to olive oils going bad. For instance, it is essential to check on harvest date because most EVOO has a shelf life of two years after being harvested. Light also destroys olive oils that is why it is normally stored in dark bottles.

Which Olive oils have most Polyphenols?

Virgin olive oils have natural Polyphenols levels that range between 50-5000 mg/kg. On average most EVOOS have a range between 100-250 mg/kg Polyphenols. These Polyphenols have health benefits that are useful to the body.

Are extra Virgin oil the Same?

Extra virgin oils are not the same because they depend on the quality and the type of fruit pressed, the region in which it comes from, the weather and the time of harvest. Therefore, they vary just like wines, and that is why you need to know the best EVOOS that you can buy because the market has all sorts of olive oil, which makes it hard to distinguish which is better. I usually recommend that you can go for brands like Aldi and Athenos.

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