How to Make Baconeggandcheese with Recipes

By | 23 May 2021

Welcome to my new york deli. How to Make Baconeggandcheese with Recipes? What can I get for your particular order today? Look at this Costco cheeseburger. This one doesn’t look that good, but Costco cheese bread ever had a Costco cheeseburger before it’s filled with cheese look at that the back. Oh man, we’re going to make my twist my take on the beautiful bodega style. Is it new york style bacon cheese? Oh man, with these buns here, and I got some plain jane dance buns do that starting Monday morning off with this right something light. I know I made this before, but I want to say I want to do my twist.

How to Make Baconeggandcheese with Recipes

My take on the new generation of bodega style sandwiches are thickening cheese right, so we got some bacon here over here already. We got our beautiful Costco cheese bread. I heard these cheese bread Costco put their fried chicken into it. Oh man, I’ve got to try that one guy got customers waiting outside hungry this is my new york deli, right my toast might take on it, so I’m going to toast these bad boys here like so the cheese going to be friendly and warm crusty and delicious you’re going to love it all right inside-outside look at the inside so cheesy and good best cheese bread all right.

I promise you if you guys like, um, what are those bread called from uh Italian herbs and cheese you’re going to love Costco cheese bread you know everything about Costco. I love, hey, you guys don’t know you guys did. I’ve got to tell you again sure blows Costco okay nice beautiful bowl cracking three eggs no shells, please oh man, oh man play around with the egg a bit American cheese one slice right in the middle left crispy bacon that baconed up or bacon that I crisped up. Look at this nope sorry, guys, I’ll make this for myself right I’m eating customers big I don’t know why I apologise yep fold this bacon cheddar right in, we got our beautiful original bunny we got lovely original buns here, oh man that’s the original okay might twist my take on it I’m going to do four eggs, no shells, please seen this on tick tock boom boom, let that cook oh me, I’ve got the cheese, no no, I’ll do cheese later okay here we go what a gong show. Sorry guys, it’s the morning, all right. It’s still going to come out delicious cheese right here. One slice of American two-three strips of crispy bacon we got these beautiful brown tomatoes I forgot.

Oh shoot, sorry guys, I don’t know why I exploded. The last time I made these, you guys had me all tied up about not having a bev there it is. I got a Bev not sponsored, an excellent big shout out to new york. I’ll come to visit you guys one day. All right, these guys got to show me what it’s all about the original oh man, that’s a lot of eggs in there guys, legit, it is I wish the cheese is going a little more what still, delicious guys quit that way let’s crack open the Bev got some heat last time guys say bonus it’s root beer dad’s old-fashioned beer this guy nice soup off those the Bev is good, yeah look at this rate this super pump for this I can’t be mad at that I wouldn’t say I like licking my fingers. I don’t know why I’m trying to do that. You don’t even have to salt your eggs just because the bacon is so crispy and salty already with the cheese, too right, it’s like yin yang just all matches up, or just all come together.

Why am I doing this delicious oh, let’s go? I might get just my cake on which he’s with what with Costco bread, look at this you’re telling me you won’t eat that, oh man it looks juicy looks real juicy oh man, looks wet, not succulent and because of the tomatoes guys bite on this quick top. It’s got excellent super buffers. Let me put this down this cheese bread though out of this world don’t be wrong this is amazing this is beyond the crack let me put this down I scared myself there’s a reflection in the mirror, and I looked at it.

I thought someone was watching me, yeah see that I thought somebody was watching me when I saw me so good leave my body and forget what’s going on? That’s why I startled me I’ll wait for Costco crispy chicken sandwich if Costco put a nice seasoned crispy chicken in between these buns, I know it’s going to be fire-eating it alone already delicious oh so beautiful it might not look appetising, so look at that it is darn tasty you’ll leave your body and come back I promise you with this bite super pumped for this let me put them down it’s just perfect here’s one question in new york, what is your go-to Bev mine root beer and coke have to love the coke.

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