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Working Parents Problems : Why You Should Feel Great as a Working Parent

Time and again I get messages from parents who feel guilty because they are overworked and can't be at home with their little ones. Maybe a mother who has to return to work just a few weeks after giving birth. Maybe someone who really wants to homeschool but has an intense job outside the home. Or maybe someone who works part time or a side job from home and feels guilty about using a cell phone or computer when they can spend quality time with their kids.

Often these parents write to me saying that they are sad that the children are not seeing them as much as they could or that their attention is going elsewhere than just their children, and they ask me what I think about this and what they should do.

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Sometimes parents worry about going back to school to complete their degree or taking up the job that has been offered to them because it could affect their relationship with their child, and they feel guilty about all the time spent elsewhere.

I feel very passionate about this subject. First of all, I'm allergic to dogmatic one-size-fits-all parenting advice, and when people make statements like, "Moms should be home with their babies," I think it loses so much nuance and it really does work. great loss for all of us parents who are unique individuals with unique circumstances. Our needs, aspirations, goals, beliefs, value systems, culture, origins, and resources are all different. Therefore, the answer will always be as Magda Gerber said, “It depends.”

It depends on your long term goals, values, temperament, likes and dislikes. Is it fun being a stay-at-home parent? Yes. Some parents want that lifestyle and make it work, and that's great for them. I 100% support every parent who makes that choice. Is it also nice to have a job, career, business, side job or whatever? Yes. It's just as beautiful in a different way. Both are 100% valid lifestyles, and in my opinion neither is better than the other – although one may be better than the other for you.

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Parents will choose to work for many reasons: because they have to put food on the table, they want to improve their lifestyle, they need to pay off debt, or simply because they enjoy it and fulfill it. There are so many different reasons that people find work outside other than being at home with their children beyond the fact that most of us need to do that to survive.

What I mean here is that there are two things you should keep in mind, and I advise you to try to replace guilt with these two ideas.

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Number one is that you provide for your children. If you run any kind of business, side job, job, or career, you provide for your children and build security for your family. It is valuable and part of good parenting. That's what parents who are responsible for caring for their children do. In other words, making money is part of parenting because it is part of what we provide.

If your financial resources are not sufficient to cover the lifestyle you want for your family, and you have decided to earn more money through your job, you should feel proud of it and grateful that you have the opportunity. I don't think we should feel guilty because we spend time providing for our families. That's just part of being a great parent. Parenting can be active parenting for our children, or ensuring that they are well cared for at school, with a babysitter, with your spouse, or with a grandmother, while you are away and do other things you need to do. do.

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Now, listen to what I have to say here. I'm not saying that good parents have to work. Some don't have to or choose not to for whatever reason. I'm saying that if you work, it's part of your parenting and a good thing you do for your kids, and I don't think you need to feel guilty about that for a minute.

Here's another really important thing about work and why you should feel great as a working parent. When you are out there doing your job in whatever capacity it is, you are an example to your child of what it takes to mature in the world, to succeed, to do meaningful work, to provide finances, or whatever it may be. you do. Maybe you volunteer. Maybe you run a big business. Maybe you have a simple job you like that provides food on the table. Maybe you have some work that you hate, but they put the food on the table.

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Whatever you do, you are an example to your children of what work means and why we do it. If you can do it in a way that really helps them, show them that you're grateful for the job, that you're giving your best, that there are tough days when you don't want to do it but you do it anyway. Those kinds of things demonstrate incredible skills for our children and their future, and actually build their own perception of what work is, what it's like, and what it looks like.

When do we just roll up our sleeves and do the hard work even though we don't like it? And when do we leave our jobs and risk ourselves to build a business? That's not a bad thing at all, and there's nothing to feel guilty about. That's something to be grateful for and proud of. And again, this is the tool we use to set an example for our children of what it takes to grow up and work in the world. So I want all my stay-at-home moms and dads to feel very proud and at peace with their choice, and I also want all of my working parents to feel very proud and at peace with that choice.

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Remember, there are often opportunities to switch between the two, taking time off for maternity leave, to change jobs in a way that is more compatible with your family's lifestyle. In this day and age, there is a fair amount of flexibility for many of us in our work. But even if you work night shifts or seven to seven on the weekends, remember that you are providing for your children and modeling for them. And those are not things you should feel guilty about.

If you enjoyed this episode, I’d love to hear whether you work or stay home and why you feel great about it. Leave a comment below or join me on Instagram

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