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When To Repair or Replace Your Hot Water Heater Augusta Ga?

A water heater is one of the most important investments you can have in your home. It makes it possible for you to access hot water in the house when you need it and for heating up your home.

However, just like any other appliances in the home, the water heater eventually breaks down and will need to be repaired or replaced. The big question for many people is whether it is time to repair hot water heater or to replace.

It is always difficult to decide on this because of the cost factor of changing the water heater. You also don’t want to spend too much on repairs and gas or electricity bills when it would have made sense to replace the hot water heater altogether. Here are some pointers to guide you on whether you should replace or repair your hot water heater.

Water Not Getting Hot

Your hot water heater is only useful to you if it is doing what it is supposed to – heating water. If the water is not getting hot, it could be because of several problems with the system. First, it might be because of the heating element for an electric water heater. The heating element can be replaced fairly easily.

repair hot water heater leak
repair hot water heater leak

It could also be because the dip tube is broken. A dip tube is the tube that injects cold water to the bottom of the tank for heating as hot water is circulated in the house as required. If the dip tube is broken, cold water mixes with hot water making the water being circulated cold or just Luke-warm.

Another reason why you might not be getting hot enough water is because the water heater is unable to meet the demand for hot water in your house. If this is the case then it is time to replace the heater. Check that the thermostat is also working and the circuit breaker is on.

Is your gas water heater not working? Light the pilot light to make sure there is gas getting to the burner.

The tank should also be emptied once a year and all sediment accumulated at the bottom removed. If you repair the element and the dip tube and you have fuel to heat the water but still the water doesn’t get hot then it is time for a new hot water heater.

Leaking Hot Water Heater

A leaking hot water heater is a recipe for disaster. It can cause extensive water damage to your home and mold growth. Leakage also means that you are wasting water and fuel therefore you are putting money down the drain with each passing moment.

repair hot water heater pressure relief valve
repair hot water heater pressure relief valve

Usually, leakage problems with the water heater are irreparable when they are from the tank. Inspect the water heater to determine where the leak is coming from. If it is from the connections, fittings or pressure valve then these can be repaired. If it is from the tank then it is time for a new hot water heater.

No Hot Water Flowing

Water heater tanks need to be cleaned once every year to remove the sediment that builds up at the bottom. If the tank is not cleaned, the sediment build up can block the drain valve and eventually cause damage to the bottom of the tank.

If there isn’t any water flowing through the system then you need to have the tank emptied and cleaned. The drain valves should also be unclogged. When the sediment build up is excessive, the tank will have to be replaced.

Water Has A Tinge Of Brown

If you notice that the water you draw from the tap looks brown you have the taste of metal then it is time to replace your hot water heater. This browning of water is due to rust from the tank.

replacement hot water heater
replacement hot water heater

Water heater tanks are made of steel which reacts with mineral elements in water to cause corrosion. When your hot water heater tank starts to corrode there is nothing you can do to stop it and eventually it starts to leak as the steel is eaten away due to corrosion.

If it is the connector pipes that have been corroded then a professional plumber can repair hot water heater removing all the rusted pipes and replacing them with new ones for clean water.

Hot Water Heater Is Old

Just like any other appliance in your home, hot water heaters have a life span. As they get old, the heaters reduce inefficiency which means that you will see a rise in energy bills. Water heaters account for 14% to 21% of the energy bills and therefore an inefficient one is not something you can easily overlook. We recommend Products from rheem, they are extremely well made and thrive in Australian conditions

Most rheem hot water heaters have a life span of 15 years. Regular professional maintenance of the hot water heater can extend the life span but maintaining a very old heater will not make much economic sense in the long run.

replacing hot water heater thermostat
replacing hot water heater thermostat

If you realize that the water heater is requiring regular costly repairs or the frequency of repairs has really increased then it could be time to get a new one. If you are still not sure whether it is time to replace, talking to a professional plumber can be helpful. They are able to calculate the cost-benefit analysis for you which is a great way to tell whether you should replace.

Is it time to repair your hot water heater? With the above tips, you can be able to determine when it is time to repair and whether the repairs will make any sense. If you need serious repairs it is recommended that you seek the help of professional plumbers to get guaranteed and lasting services.

If you have to replace your hot water heater, then it is time to consider an upgrade to a tankless on-demand water heater or a larger tank that will meet your current and future hot water needs. Again, professionals can help you to choose the tank size that will meet your needs without raising your energy bills unnecessarily. for more info on energy ratings.

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