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Review : 5 Key Facts to Know About Telehealth Chiropractic Services

In an ever-changing landscape, the advent of telehealth chiropractic services has caused some degree of confusing and speculation amongst communities.

chiropractic services meaning
chiropractic services meaning

Specialists in this particular field have not permanently swapped the treatment table for the teleconference room, but they are investing in new programs to ensure that communication continues and individuals can be catered to during quarantine.

Rather than remaining skeptical or just curious about this new industry, it is important to detail 5 key facts that will shed more light on the trend and why it will be valuable following periods of isolation.

1) They Do Not Cost More Than Regular Treatments

Telehealth chiropractic services do not have to deal with many of the operational costs that traditional treatments require. This lowers the fees across the board and ensures that there is a lower threshold to access this type of quality care. Of all the times to be mindful about budgets and how much certain services cost, this is an important reminder for people who would otherwise sacrifice parts of their health and wellbeing to save money for other activities.

chiropractic services covered by medicare
chiropractic services covered by medicare

2) They Are Simple & Easy to Access

People of all ages and backgrounds can take advantage of telehealth chiropractic services so long as they have a key device they can utilise. It will arrive in the form of a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile. So long as these devices have a connection to a camera and a microphone application, then a video call can be established between the chiropractor and the patient. Bookings and times can be easily scheduled through the online portal and there is no need to go through a reception desk or sit in a waiting room for minutes on end.

3) They Protect The Wellbeing of Chiropractors & Patients

During the spread of C*V*D-19, there are patients and chiropractors that can be listed in the at-risk categories if infected by the virus. Telehealth chiropractic services remove the need for the elderly to travel and come into contact with others. The same applies for people who are immunocompromised, pregnant, a parent to a young child or an indigenous citizen at 50 years of age or older. Rather than placing either party at risk, there is still a healthy level of dialogue that allows the specialist to walk through a rehabilitation program or activities guide to improving personal health.

4) They Match Patient Medical Requirements

No two patients are alike and there will be a need to require specified medical care in these settings. Fortunately the advent of telehealth chiropractic services does not act as a barrier in this respect, ensuring that everyone can receive the attention and information they require. From the elderly to young athletes or men and women managing chronic to acute musculoskeletal issues, there is no individual who cannot receive value from this digital practice.

5) Many Chiropractic Outlets Are Investing in These Services

Whether we like it or not, telehealth chiropractic services are expanding. They are beneficial for patients who are based in regional communities where travel is logistically difficult. They are beneficial for patients who are consistently on the road and struggle to find the time to make an in-person appointment. They work because more people and families have NBN access. They help to keep doctors and patients in contact. They remove the barriers provided by regular business hours. The trend is moving in one direction where each outlet is either moving with the times to invest in these programs or they are falling behind the competition. 

chiropractic services list
chiropractic services list

Telehealth chiropractic services complement and add value to an already essential medical practice. Once these 5 key facts are understood and communicated to members of the community, it will be easier to establish connections and fill up video call consultations.

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