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Keeping Your Limos Clean

One thing to do to keep business good in the limo business is to keep your limo clean. Another thing is, whatever you find, unless if it is something that you need to report to the authorities, keep it to yourself. Being discrete is essential in the service industry, there was a time that anything and everything was between the client and the service provider, but nowadays it is important to report anything that might seem to break the law. But I digress.

Keeping your Limo clean is essential to keep your limo business alive, you are selling luxury, and dirt and pests isn’t luxury. To keep your limo pest free, I suggest getting it treated by a Pest Control Company Glendora at least once a month or so. Why? Simply because you don’t know what your customers have been doing inside after you or your driver put up the privacy window. Food drinks, and anything you can imagine will attract pests. So better to clean and spray the place with pesticides as often as you can to keep it conditioned.

If you fail to keep your limo clean, your client base will be less and less the preferred ones and more and more of the type of folks who bring their own mess into the limo. And believe me when I say you don’t want to do nothing with those people.

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